Genesys Case Study Overview

Organization: Genesys International Corporation, Ltd.

Location: Mumbai, India

Project Objectives:

  • Perform inventory management through inspection automation
  • Facilitate planning for a next generation 5G network
  • Enable downstream workflow for engineering and BIM

Products Used: OpenTower iQ


Facilitating a Previously Labor Intensive Process

Due to the ever-increasing demand for data along with reliable connections, telecom owners are increasingly trying to digitalize their workflows to accurately understand available spaces, estimate tower ratings for proposed loading, understand defects and, more importantly, update their inventory with as-built information. The current process is manual, labor intensive, and expensive.

As telecom infrastructure is now shared by multiple mobile network operators, and as tower owners are adopting 5G evolution, a major telecom company in India looked to its geospatial partner, Genesys International Corporation Ltd for help with digitalizing their workflow through tower inspection automation.

Nikhil Jani, vice president, telecom and utilities at Genesys International responsible for the company’s telecom and utilities business, said, “Tower inspections are typically manually intensive processes. Few telecom operators have current (as-built) data about all the equipment on their towers.”