The Power of Digital Twins

Communication towers — from concept through construction, maintenance, and operations — need to be managed in a connected workflow, especially with the high volume of day-to-day demands. OpenTower products are unique in that they meet the needs of both engineers and owner operators with a complete lifecycle tower solution.

  • OpenTower Designer makes it easy to efficiently design, model, and visualize communication towers.
  • OpenTower iQ brings to life a digital twin to provide intelligence for planning, visualization, and inspection. 

By integrating digital twin technology with existing data, tools, and systems, OpenTower provides real-time decision support with faster and more economical options for 3D visualization and predictive design.

Solving Critical Business Issues

Digitize your asset to be
5G ready

End-to-end lifecycle management


Co-location analysis and planning


Reduce cost and time with automation

analysis decision support

The Benefits of OpenTower

OpenTower Designer for Engineers

Work faster, smarter, save money and improve performance through enhanced insights.

  • Easily manage changes with one source of truth
  • Improve accuracy with visualizations and precision modeling
  • Leverage next generation software with mod-layers, scenario analysis, and precision graphics
  • Eliminate clunky spreadsheets 
  • Incorporate everything from foundation and connection design and integrate
    with OpenTower iQ
  • Take advantage of a single solution for all your tower engineering needs

Learn more about OpenTower Designer at Virtuosity, a Bentley Company. 

OpenTower iQ for Owners

Stay fully informed to increase negotiating power and make
better informed decisions.

  • Create, maintain, and augment your digital twin and compare as-built towers with your asset management system
  • Monitor tower health and share data through an easy-to-understand portal
  • Make informed decisions to support your business model
  • Quickly turn around designs and design modifications for clients using
    predictive analysis
  • Leverage more insights to improve negotiations and provide scenario-based leasing options
  • Save time, eliminate frustration, and improve visibility all at an affordable cost

Learn more about OpenTower iQ.

“The flexibility of a single model to check scenarios is one of the greatest advantages of OpenTower. It allows us to provide our clients as much feedback as possible to promote a long-term relationship.”

                 – Matthew K Lackey, P.E., Charlotte Structural Division Manager, Tower Engineering Professionals, Inc.

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