Johnson Broderick Engineering Case Study Overview

Organization: Johnson Broderick Engineering, LLC

Location: Eugene, Oregon, USA

Project Objectives:

  • Accurate graphical representations of towers
  • Ability to optimize analysis by evaluating multi-variable simulations
  • Integrated solution, including tower, mount, and foundation analysis

Products Used: OpenTower Designer


The Visual, Virtual Difference

Structural tower analysis has long been a tedious and somewhat complicated process requiring multiple iterations and considerable research and analysis to achieve optimal results. While specialized programs have helped deliver quality results, they have not evolved nor improved the methods.

Aaron Broderick, Principal of Johnson Broderick Engineering, LLC, believes it’s time for engineers to adopt a visual approach to modernize tower analysis. He explained, “Older programs are kind of a black box that are fed information and spit out results. There’s no visual reference to where antennas or feed lines are located or what the equipment looked like and limited foundation analysis capabilities.”

For Eugene, Oregon-based Johnson Broderick Engineering, LLC, advancements in visualization as well as expanded analytics are forever changing the tower analysis approach.