MStower has been a legacy application from Bentley Systems for more than a decade. With the recent release of OpenTower Designer Update 3.1, there is now a seamless integration with MStower.

Attention was given to aligning the different aspects of the two software like Orientation, wind-load direction, and other algorithms.

A study was performed with an existing MStower model. The model was migrated to OpenTower Designer, and a comparative analysis was performed between different outcomes of the two software.

Study Synopsis

  1. Software: MStower and OpenTower Designer
  2. Model Specification
    1. Type of Structure – 4 Legged
    2. Tower Type – Lattice
    3. Design Code – TIA222G
    4. Cross Section Specification – Angle Section
    5. Height of Tower – 50 m
    6. Number of Antennas – 70 +
  3. Results Verification Points
    1. Wind Pressure
    2. Wind load on Panels
    3. Self-weight
    4. Wind load on Antennas
    5. Stress, Capacity, and utilization for Leg Members
    6. Stress, Capacity, and utilization for Diagonal Members

Preview of Study