OpenTower Designer 3.0 Now Includes Euro Code

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Release Notes for OpenTower Designer 3.0 OpenTower Designer 3.0 is now available for download here. See the release notes below. Implementation of the standard of the code as given in the BS EN 1993-3-1:2006 with UK National Annexed (loading and Design) for SST and Guyed Mast. Implementation of the guidelines given in PLG 07 (formerly

Johnson Broderick Engineering Assess the Value of Precision Graphics-Enabled Tower Analysis

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Johnson Broderick Engineering Case Study Overview Organization: Johnson Broderick Engineering, LLC Location: Eugene, Oregon, USA Project Objectives: Accurate graphical representations of towers Ability to optimize analysis by evaluating multi-variable simulations Integrated solution, including tower, mount, and foundation analysis Products Used: OpenTower Designer   The Visual, Virtual Difference Structural tower analysis has long been a tedious

Tower Engineering Professionals Optimize Workflows with OpenTower

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Tower Engineering Professionals Case Study Overview Organization: Tower Engineering Professionals, Inc. Solution: Communication Towers Project Objectives: To make countless communication tower modifications quickly. Products Used: OpenTower Designer   Minimizing Time and Maximizing Profits With the advancement of 4G and build-out of the 5G network occurring at about the same point in time for multiple carriers—and

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