Release Notes for OpenTower Designer 3.0

OpenTower Designer 3.0 is now available for download here. See the release notes below.

  • Implementation of the standard of the code as given in the BS EN 1993-3-1:2006 with UK National Annexed (loading and Design) for SST and Guyed Mast.
  • Implementation of the guidelines given in PLG 07 (formerly known as ILE TR7) and EN 40 for the unreinforced monopole.
  • AS 1170.2:2021 – new revision as per the following:
    • Table 3.2 A (Md calculation for Australia)
    • Table 3.2 B (Md calculation for New Zealand)
    • Table 3.3 Mc Multiplier
    • Auto population of design speed from the selected Region
  • Updated AS 3995/AS1170 wind definition UI. Includes the auto populate of the wind speed based on the selected region.
  • Additional .csv files for the support reaction of all load combinations.
  • Installation of the custom catalog in a new location to avoid accessibility issues.
  • Custom shape is added in the custom catalog. The user will input the section properties and assign the reference shape of the section for design checks.
  • New table for showing the Bending checks of the member in the Report.
  • The User can have extensive design reports (step by step hand calculation) in a text file, in the same folder where the file is analyzed (only for Euro Code).
  • Auto population of wind definition as given in the .twr file after file import. This includes the wind speed details, terrain profile, and the wind directions considered in twr file.
  • An option to support cross-over points and modify buckling factors accordingly for the TIA222F code.
  • Buckling length factor (2.0 *H1) from Table 4-7 note 4 added for TIA codes.
  • A toggle in the Option Block to check/uncheck block shear for bracing members.
  • Modal Analysis can now be performed and reported for the first six mode shape in a CSV format. The option can be toggled with a configuration.
  • Leg Splice connection for the bottom-most panel is now introduced in addition to base plate connection. The feature will work irrespective of creating the model from the wizard or importing it from an MStower file.
  • Configurable tool for the temperature load for guy cable.
  • MTO (material take off) page is updated and includes the structural weight and the overall rating.
  • Node reactions table for all load cases gets generated after the analysis is performed and is available in the csv format.
  • Tower summary reaction table for all load cases is available in csv format and accessible after the analysis is performed.
  • Few updated bracing types M, KMV, and KMGD (updated the F1 value).
  • User defined custom capacity for members and connections.

To download the new update visit Bentley’s Download Center.