Digital Twin Software for Cell Towers

Automate key tower maintenance workflows to accelerate network deployment.

The availability and accessibility of tower data is one of the leading challenges for telecom tower owners, network operators and engineering firms. Information is often unreliable resulting in inconsistent analysis, making critical business decisions difficult. The complexities of 5G deployment and increased tenancy have further emphasized this challenge. OpenTower iQ leverages the power of digital twins, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to provide users with a single, accessible view of the truth enabling automation of critical workflows. Increased interdepartmental collaboration, automation of manual workflows and crucial decision support are just a click away with OpenTower iQ.

Increase Tower Tenancy

Accelerate Project Delivery

Reduce Opex Cost

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Automating the Entire Tower Lifecycle

OpenTower iQ automates workflows throughout all tower lifecycle stages, including data acquisition, visualization, planning, structural analysis, site design and engineering to site maintenance and approvals.


Automated Mount Analysis

OpenTower iQ’s Mount Analysis is a user-driven tool that runs a full mount analysis of a detected mount and automatically generates a detailed report outlining the designated mount’s capacity.


Automated Data Reconciliation & Validation

OpenTower iQ automatically compares as-built information with previously existing tower information including installed equipment specifications, equipment makes and models, mount types and availability, and more. From this comparison data can be reconciled, validated and automated reports like space availability can be created.


Legacy Data Digitization

OpenTower iQ’s creates a detailed structural model of a tower through the ingestion of existing legacy data into the system. Legacy data can include design models from OpenTower Designer, MS Tower, tnxTower, RISA 3D, and several PDF outputs, like RISA 3D mount analysis, tnxTower MTO page, and others.


As-Built vs As-Designed

OpenTower iQ allows as-designed models to be overlayed with as-built (reality) models to visually compare specifications of each model including, bearing angle, equipment position, azimuth, missing members, etc. Through our AI based automation, detected equipment can be compared to the design model, yielding a comparison table, organized at different mount levels.

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