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Efficiently design & model towers

OpenTower™ Designer is a purpose-built solution for telecommunication tower analysis and design that captures real-life workflows, including tower modification, multiple scenario evaluations, foundation checks, and connection designs. It connects to equipment databases to automatically generate wind and seismic loadings, analyze the structure, and produce custom reports. The application’s advanced graphics show a realistic view of the tower, including 3D rendering of equipment and feedlines.

With OpenTower™ Designer you can efficiently design and model towers, such as lattice towers and guyed masts, as well as equipment like antennas, mounts, and linear appurtenances.

“OpenTower [Designer] has allowed us to analyse structures more accurately, giving us large amounts of information on the various modes of failure that can be found within structural steel members. Obtaining this information results in us gaining a large amount of trust from our clients, knowing that any analysis they receive has been completed as accurately as possible. …The software is simple to use with its improved user interfaces compared to MSTower, quick analysis runtime and 3D visualisation of the structures that we are creating, making the whole process quicker whilst also improving efficiency for us.”

Callum Anderson | Design Survey Engineer , Clarke Telecom

“OpenTower [Designer] blows away the competition in terms of features, ease of use and depth of analytical rigor offered. The graphical user interface offers an approachable way to see what appurtenances are where on a tower, including face and elevation, …the foundation analysis module is robust, …a built-in mount analysis module allows complex mounts to be modeled with ease and evaluated, [and]…the package offers a unique method of creating history with a tower.”

Aaron Broderick, P.E. | Principal, Johnson Broderick Engineering, LLC

“Two important points why we chose OpenTower were first, it was having the possibility for Stantec to get quite [an] extensive evaluation time before starting to use this software. And second, because from the first day of our work, we had remarkable and outstanding technical support and customer service which was personalized by Bentley support engineer, Pankaj Taneja, …a technical expert and member of TIA committee.”

Pavlo Voloshyn PE, PEng | Area Lead - Power Delivery, Walnut Creek, Stantec

Supported Cell Tower Types for Design and Analysis


3-Sided & 4-Sided

  • Member checks (TIA-222 Rev F, G, H)
  • Brace connection checks (bolted, welded; failure mechanisms checked: bolt shear, block shear, member and plate bearing)
  • Leg splice connection checks (flange, shear sleeve, splice; components checked: plates, bolts, welds, stiffeners)
  • Base plate anchor bolt checks (steel checks)
  • Foundation checks (mat slab, pad and pier, drilled pier)

Guyed Masts

3-Sided & 4-Sided

  • Member checks (TIA-222 Rev F, G, H)
  • Member connection checks (Connection types: bolted, welded; failure mechanisms checked: bolt shear, member block shear, member and plate bearing)
  • Guy wire checks
  • Guy wire attachment checks (types: wing, bat-ear, dog-ear, channel, pull-offs)
  • Anchor bolt checks
  • Leg splice connection checks (Connection types: flange, shear sleeve, splice; components checked: plates, bolts, welds, stiffeners)
  • Foundation checks (pad and pier, guy anchor foundation)


Tapered, Stepped & Hybrid

  • Pole checks (TIA-222 Rev F, G, H)
  • Bolted splice connection checks (Components checked: plates, bolts, welds, stiffeners)
  • Base plate checks (components checked: anchor bolt steel, stiffener plates, stiffener welds)
  • Foundation checks (Mat slab, drilled pier)


Customize equipment libraries

Customize the robust equipment library, which includes antenna, dish, TME, feedlines, and attachments equipment from all major manufacturers using built-in capabilities.


Scenario analysis

Define a scenario by easily selecting one or more analysis parameters from a list of predefined building blocks. Using the base geometry and selected analysis parameters, OpenTower Designer generates an analytical model and presents the analysis results for the scenario. The scenario can then be saved in the model file for later reference, along with other scenarios defined by different selections of analysis parameters.


Design connections

Define member connections with various bolt patterns including pre-defined bolt configurations. Automatically consider the effects of connections on member design calculations and check connection efficiencies.


Use built-up section catalog for telecom towers

Use built-in section profiles, including specialized section profiles like split pipe, bent plate, and more (30+ section types), as well as materials for virtually all global standards. Further extend the custom catalog by adding any number of sections and shapes.

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