Johnson Broderick Engineering Assess the Value of Precision Graphics-Enabled Tower Analysis

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Johnson Broderick Engineering Case Study Overview Organization: Johnson Broderick Engineering, LLC Location: Eugene, Oregon, USA Project Objectives: Accurate graphical representations of towers Ability to optimize analysis by evaluating multi-variable simulations Integrated solution, including tower, mount, and foundation analysis Products Used: OpenTower Designer   The Visual, Virtual Difference Structural tower analysis has long been a tedious

Genesys International Uses Digital Twins to Increase Accuracy of Tower Inspections

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Genesys Case Study Overview Organization: Genesys International Corporation, Ltd. Location: Mumbai, India Project Objectives: Perform inventory management through inspection automation Facilitate planning for a next generation 5G network Enable downstream workflow for engineering and BIM Products Used: OpenTower iQ   Facilitating a Previously Labor Intensive Process Due to the ever-increasing demand for data along with

Tower Engineering Professionals Optimize Workflows with OpenTower

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Tower Engineering Professionals Case Study Overview Organization: Tower Engineering Professionals, Inc. Solution: Communication Towers Project Objectives: To make countless communication tower modifications quickly. Products Used: OpenTower Designer   Minimizing Time and Maximizing Profits With the advancement of 4G and build-out of the 5G network occurring at about the same point in time for multiple carriers—and

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