OpenTower iQ

Automating the Entire Tower Lifecycle

Digital Twin Software for Communication Towers

The availability and accessibility of tower data is one of the leading challenges for telecom tower engineers, owners, and operators. Information is often unreliable resulting in inconsistent analysis, making critical business decisions difficult. The complexities of 5G deployment and increased tenancy have further emphasized this challenge. OpenTower iQ leverages the power of digital twins, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to provide users with a single, accessible, and automated view of the truth. Decreased data silos, increased interdepartmental collaboration and crucial decision support is just a click away with OpenTower iQ.

The Benefits of a Digital Twin for Towers

Implementing a digital twin solution for communication towers can benefit an entire organization both operationally as well as economically. Increasing the accuracy of and collaboration with tower data combined with process automation, tower engineers, owners and operators can see the following benefits from OpenTower iQ and the power of a tower digital twin:

Reduce Costs

Through automation of manual tasks.

Minimize Risk

By improving compliance with legislative requirements.

Improve Service

By faster provisioning of additional capacity.

Obtain Decision Support

By acquiring access to valid tower data. 


Automating the Entire Tower Lifecycle

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What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a virtual representation of real-world entities and processes, synchronized at a specified frequency and fidelity. These powerful tools combine engineering data, operational data, and IT data to create an immersive 4D graphical experience representing infrastructure assets. Digital twin technology is at the center of the OpenTower iQ solution, enabling full support of the telecom tower lifecycle.

The Telecom Tower Lifecycle

OpenTower iQ automates the entire telecom tower lifecycle and is the only solution to do so. The process incorporates dynamic data sources and powerful artificial intelligence to support each stage individually:

Data Acquisition

The desired outcome of data acquisition is a BIM model, leveraging photogrammetry, legacy data and templatized model generation. This is an imperative stage to creating a singe source of truth to apply continuous updates down the road. 


Leveraging the acquired data a high fidelity, as-built model is created in OpenTower iQ’s immersive 4D graphical experience with measurement tools including distance, angle, location, area and more. 

Analytics & Planning

OpenTower iQ applies machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) on to automatically gain critical information of a tower. Automatic asset detection enables engineers and planners to accurately assess occupancy and update their inventory database ensuring accurate analysis.


OpenTower iQ features allow engineers to conduct analysis such as: accurate modeling, modification layers, multiple scenarios, foundation checks, and connection design.


The Documents required for a Construction Document Package can be generated using OpenTower iQ’s built-in drawing generation tools. The final documents are then saved in OpenTower iQ’s multi-tenanted database and shared with approved internal and external stakeholders for maintenance.

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