OpenTower Webinar

From Concept to Reality: Streamline Tower Design with OpenTower

Join Swarup Mondal and Atanu Bhowal of Bentley Systems for an On-Demand Webinar to  learn how to take your tower design workflow to the next level!

In this webinar, learn how you can improve the efficiency of your tower projects with the latest release of Bentley’s communication tower design software, OpenTower Designer 2024. Use the automatic scenario creation capability to optimize design times, raise service levels, and increase profitability. Capture real-life workflows including tower modification, multiple scenario evaluations, foundation checks, and connection designs.

Topics covered:

  • Robust Integration with Mstower
  • Integration with Spreadsheets
  • Very Quick Analysis with Optioneering
  • Multiple Reporting Templates and Formats​
  • Roof Top Structural Analysis
  • Seamless Integration with OpenTower iQ

Webinar Speakers:

Swarup Mondal
Bentley Systems

Atanu Bhowal
Bentley Systems