Expert Services

We’re here to help with professional services to help get you started with OpenTower and maximize its value.

Get Started

OpenTower products are architected to be data-driven and can easily be customized to suit your organization’s business needs. Whether your needs are as simple as custom report generation or require more involved support like the integration of your organization’s data (including asset database, custom section profile catalogs, legacy software files, etc.) we’re here to help.

Our services include:

Integrating OpenTower with your database

OpenTower can be configured to connect with your asset database and catalogs. We’ve worked with some of the biggest tower owners in the world and have successfully (and securely) integrated OpenTower with their asset database.

Digital twin and asset detection

OpenTower is moving to the cloud. It synchronizes with Bentley’s iTwin platform (hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform) to create a digital twin which combines reality data with engineering data to create an immersive 4D graphical experience. Bentley’s digital twin helps tower owners and carriers digitalize their asset portfolio as it’s a combination of engineering data and reality data to help to expedite your digitalization efforts.

  • Convert your legacy data to a digital-twin model
  • Produce a reality model from scanned images
  • Overlay as-designed and as-build models for visual inspection
  • Perform asset detection on towers (antenna, dish, RRU)
  • Take dimensional measurements to create tower and mount mappings by leveraging the reality model

Custom report generation

While OpenTower produces high-quality reports which can be opened in Microsoft Word for editing by users, it can be customized to output reports in your preferred format along with a Title page, etc.