OpenTower iQ

Continuous access to real-time information to monitor, predict, and react to tower modifications

Digital twins for the communication tower industry

OpenTower iQ provides telecommunication tower owners and operators the framework to accelerate digital transformation required for 5G implementations and the ability to digitize and transform their asset based business.

With OpenTower iQ, Tower Cos and Mobile Operators gain continuous access to near real-time information to make actionable insights and better monitor, predict, and react to any required tower modifications by leveraging digital twins and reality modeling capabilities.

Owners can increase asset performance and reduce costs by quickly accessing, accurate, and easy to understand information required for everyday tower operations. Build your digital twins by combining engineering information from 3D models and your database. 



    View, measure and analyze 3D models of tower infrastructure.


    Automate inspection workflows and reporting with artificial intelligence.


    Analyze towers and identify changes, make modifications easily and generate custom reports.


    Test and compare various scenarios with loading information and predictive tools.


    Share site information and insights across vendors and stakeholders.

    OpenTower iQ

    • Create a visual representation of the tower by combing a reality mesh with the digital engineering models.
    • View dashboards and create filtered information views based on operational information such as operating status or inspection dates.
    • Maintain a view that captures how, when, and by whom the digital twin was changed and determine the impact of any change to ongoing operations.
    • Conduct automated infrastructure Inspection and inventory including automated asset condition evaluation, and automated AI for equipment identification and classification.
    • Save time with end to end telco functionalities for inspection, inventory, planning, site design, and wind load analysis to mitigate risks and uncertainties.
    • Gain insights for actionable outputs that boost operational efficiency and revenue assurance with data and predictive analytics.


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