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Built for telecommunication tower analysis and design, OpenTower captures real-life workflows including tower modification, multiple scenario evaluation, foundation checks and connection designs. Gain a realistic view of the tower with 3D rendering of equipment and feedlines.

(U.S. design standards)

OpenTower Europe

Efficiently design, model and visualize communication towers. With both graphical and text-based definitions of tower structures, you can design and complete projects faster than ever. Save time and rework with powerful 3D physical modeling.

(Eurocode 3, British National Annex, PD 6688)

OpenTower Mount Analysis

Purpose-built mount analysis solution delivers realistic 3D graphics, antenna/mount databases, and a generator to reduce man-hours. OpenTower Mount Analysis allows faster/more thorough analysis and simplifies model visualization.


Gain continuous access to near real-time information to make actionable insights and better monitor, predict, and react to any required tower modifications by leveraging digital twins.