Digital Twin Software for Communication Towers

OpenTower iQ helps carriers, and those responsible for tower operations, automate maintenance workflows through a comprehensive tower digital twin solution. With access to reliable data, accelerated project delivery and reduced operational costs can be achieved. Learn more about how OpenTower iQ can help you today!

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The Benefits of a Digital Twin for Towers

Implementing a digital twin solution for communication towers can benefit an entire organization both operationally as well as economically. Increasing the accuracy of and collaboration with tower data combined with process automation, tower engineers, owners and operators can see the following benefits from OpenTower iQ and the power of a tower digital twin:

Reduce Costs

Through automation of manual tasks.

Minimize Risk

By improving compliance with legislative requirements.

Improve Service

By faster provisioning of additional capacity.

Obtain Decision Support

By acquiring access to valid tower data. 


Automating the Entire Tower Lifecycle

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